JCM new portfolio company Innovusion

Innovusion is an autonomous vehicle image-grade LIDAR technology developer headquartered in the Silicon Valley. LiDAR is used by companies developing autonomous vehicles to detect and measure objects on the road around them to enable self-driving vehicles to drive safely on public roads.

Founded in 2016, the company is the brainchild of Co-Founder and CEO, Jun Wei Bao, who has extensive knowledge in the research and technology management fields with relevant prior experience working with Baidu as the Head of Compute System & Sensor, Autonomous Driving, And Tokyo Electron as the VP of Engineering and Technology.

To date, Innovusion has raised a Series A round of $30M with Jubilee Capital Management as well as large China-based firms NIO Capital and Eight Road Ventures and US-based firm F-Primse Capital Partners. This has provided more leverage for the company To expand its R&D team and manufacturing facilities to increase its pace to develop and market to its target markets in China and the US, and move against competitors Velodyne LiDAR, Quanergy Systems, and LeddarTech.

As a forward-looking ASEAN-China-US Cross-Boarder Venture Capital Firm, Jubilee Capital Management looks forward to playing a part in helping Innovusion to expand further into the Asia Pacific market.