EXITED | 2015 | China | 3D Medical Imaging Service Provider

Shenzhen Yorktal Digital Medical Imaging Technology provides advanced and cost-effective medical imaging solutions to hospitals and large medical institutions. As early as year 2011, the company has begun its scientific research and exploration in the field of digital medicine. In year 2012, the company overcame many difficulties and successfully developed CT and MRI data-based 3D Plus human body visualization system applications, and has achieved ground-breaking results to provide Chinese surgeons with intelligent tools to perform precision surgery. In year 2016, in Guangdong Innovation-Driven Development Conference, abdominal CT image post-processing software developed by the company won the second prize in science and technology of Guangdong of 2015.

In the fascinating process of exploring, the company will make unremitting efforts to forge ahead, constantly expand more research fields and develop products of more clinical value, which can be easily applied to clinic to benefit the patients.